Sensitive simple cancer diagnostics

SELMA Diagnostics develops

transformative technology for highly

sensitive detection of

blood-borne cancer biomarkers

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More than 50% of all cases of cancer arise due to spontaneous genetic alterations of the cellular genome, according to a recent study.*

If the underlying cause of cancer is unknown, it is not possible to take any preventive measures.

However, even though the majority of cancer cases may not be prevented, they may still be medically actionable.

In particular, the cancer survival rate increases the earlier the disease has become discovered.

SELMA Diagnostics enable detection of cancer at the earliest possible stage by providing a highly sensitive and highly specific blood test for molecular biomarkers of cancer in a straight-forward point-of-care format.

*Tomasetti et al., Science, Mar. 2017 (DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf9011)


SELMA Technology

SELMA is an abbreviation for single enzyme-linked molecular analysis, which is a proprietary method developed by SELMA Diagnostics to enable direct detection and profiling of single mutant DNA-molecules.


The presence of genetically altered DNA molecules in the blood - also termed circulating tumor DNA - is an indicator of cancer. The concentration of circulating tumor DNA in the blood depends on the stage of cancer progression - the later the stage, the greater the concentration.

Early detection of cancer, thus requires highly sensitive detection of circulating tumor DNA present only at an ultra-low concentration.

SELMA technology applies an array of aqueous micro-droplets to capture and interrogate circulating tumor DNA extracted from blood. The SELMA method possesses sufficient sensitivity to detect single DNA molecules, and thus allows for quantification of DNA at ultra-low concentrations.


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SELMA Diagnostics was founded in 2015 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the aim of developing straight-forward, but highly sensitive tests for lung cancer and colorectal cancer. 

The development of the two cancer tests is partially supported by a grant from the Danish Innovation Fund, Innobooster.

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